Digital Intraoral Scanner

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Digital impressions have made creating models of your teeth easier and more accurate than ever before. Traditionally, impressions involved making molds of your teeth by filling trays with messy impression material and pressing the trays onto the teeth. Patients would need to sit still for several minutes while the impression material hardened, a process that was not only uncomfortable, but also yielded poor results in many cases. The slightest move could mean you’d need to start the process all over again.

Digital impressions are a game changer. We use an intraoral scanner to capture images inside your mouth, which are then used to create a precise model of your teeth and jaw on our computer. This model can be used for planning dental treatments and by dental laboratories to create high-quality dental restorations.

We use the Carestream 3600 digital oral scanner. Patients appreciate the comfort of digital impressions compared to the traditional impression process and we appreciate their accuracy, which makes it easier for us to provide exceptional dental services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Impressions

What is a digital dental impression?

Digital dental impressions rely upon imaging taken of your mouth using an intraoral scanner; these images are used to create a 3D digital model of your teeth and jaw. In contrast, traditional impressions make physical models of your teeth using impression material. Digital impressions are more accurate and much more helpful in treatment planning.

How are digital impressions used in dentistry?

Digital impressions can be used to plan dental procedures, create restorations like dentures, crowns, and bridges, and fabricate aligners to straighten teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, digital impressions are used to design and plan for porcelain veneers, ensuring that they have the correct shape and that the upper and lower arches interact properly when biting.

How do you take digital impressions?

An intraoral camera is used to scan the inside of your mouth. The digital impression process takes only seconds to complete.

Are dental impressions painful?

While traditional dental impressions are known for being uncomfortable and making patients gag, digital impressions are neither painful nor uncomfortable.

How much do digital impressions cost?

Digital impressions cost less than traditional impressions because the cost of impression materials is eliminated. If you have dental insurance, the cost of digital impressions needed for most restorative procedures is usually covered.

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